BBA @ Workplace

Work-based Degree by IGNOU and MKCL

Degree with a difference

3 years degree program with work experience and monthly stipend

BBA in Services Management

A unique degree program in “Learning through Work Environment” created in collaboration with Services Industries leading to useful and meaningful career.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Services Management)

The program has been specially designed for young aspiring professionals who want to pursue a bright career in ever growing service industry. Students of this degree program are expected to work in real life work environment of a service sector company for three continuous years. It gives an intensive exposure, expertise and experience to the students in real life work environments of industries. In this program students are expected to study practical skills in a workplace which is provided by the industry in form of real workplace and study theory through eLearning.

Degree with a difference
  • Learner gains practical skills while working
  • Learner works in a service industry for three years
  • Learner gets monthly stipend for three years as per the industry norms