BBA @ Workplace

Work-based Degree by IGNOU and MKCL

Degree with a difference

3 years degree program with work experience and monthly stipend

BBA in Services Management

A unique degree program in “Learning through Work Environment” created in collaboration with Services Industries leading to useful and meaningful career.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Services Management

This program is like an internship for people who want to work in the service industry after Completing 12th standard. It's different from regular schooling because you'll spend 3 years working in a real service industry company, learning practical skills on the job. You'll also study theory online to understand the business side of things. It's a great way to gain experience and expertise before starting your career!

Degree with a difference
  • You'll learn through hands-on work experience in the service industry.
  • You'll gain practical skills while working for 3 years.
  • You'll get a monthly stipend during this time.