Learning Resources

As a part of the learning environment, students will be provided with the following resources:

  1. Study Material (eBooks)
  2. eLearning content comprising of situation / scenario / case study / theory based content
  3. Student Login for eLearning platform with Learning Management Framework
  4. Evidence based eAssessment and eAssignment Framework for Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  5. Access to Work-forum
  6. Access to Blogs
  7. Interaction sessions with mentors / domain experts / industry experts in online or face to face mode or any other suitable media for reflections on deriving meaning and value out of actions at workplace and discussions around actions and reflections
    *If a student requires physical copy of the study material, s/he will be charged additionally for that.
  • Workplace of the student will be the Learning Centre (LC) for the learner since substantial part of the learning and assessment takes place through online mode.
  • The Learner, once registered, cannot change the workplace in-between the degree program under any circumstances.
  • In case University discontinues a Learning Center / Workplace, learners shall be transferred to other workplace as per the rules stipulated by the University at that time and it will be binding for the learner.
  • Medium of Instruction and Examination for the program is English.