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Role of the Industry

Industry Partners play an important role in the overall Learning Process of a Learner. Key areas of the contribution of Industry are as follows:

Providing Workplace

Learners are expected to complete Practicals in the Workplace provided by the industry.

While the Learners are enrolled for the Degree program, s/he will also be allotted a Workplace, being provided by Industry Partners associated with MKCL. Learners will get accommodated in routine work environment of the Industry and are expected to work as per the norms of respective Industry Partner. Thus, the Industry will provide real workplace for the Learners to complete the Practicals of the degree program.

Workplace provided by Industry Partners is the Learning Center for this Degree Program.

Award of Work Ratings

Industry also contributes to the Degree by awarding Work Ratings to the Learners. Work Ratings are based on performance of Learners at the Workplace. Monthly performance ratings given by the appraisers at the workplace shall get consolidated monthly for the award of Work Ratings.

Mentoring by Industry Professionals

In addition to providing Workplace and award of Work Ratings, Industry also contributes to the Degree by Mentoring the Learners. Industry Professionals will be appointed as Mentors to offer a ‘human touch’ in the overall learning process of the Learners. Mentors would guide Learners to derive theory out of practice at the Workplace.